TinyFeetNHands is legal documentation of the cyberstalking, harassment, defamation, threats, attempted murder of Bill Windsor, and other crimes by Sean B**shie


TinyFeetNHands is legal documentation of the cyberstalking, harassment, defamation, threats, attempted murder of Bill Windsor, and other crimes of a University of Montana Employee, Sean B**shie, who used the screen name TinyFeetNHands on the Joeyisalittlekid website.  This website is being used to make it easy for courts, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice, news media, and others to see the evidence.

This is especially important because William M. Windsor has been charged with five crimes for printing the two-word legal name of TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie.  Facing the possibility of life in the Montana State Prison, this website is vital to Bill Windsor’s defense.  Bill Windsor has never committed a crime in his life.  As this website will show, the criminals are TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie, the University of Montana, and the judges, prosecuting attorneys, and law enforcement who conspire with TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie.

Bill Windsor of Lawless America  has been producing a TV special about the University of Montana and TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie.  This legal documentation website provides evidence of the cyberstalking activities of TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie, as well as threats that he has made to Bill Windsor and others.

This is NOT the website of TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie.  This is a legal documentation expose online publication about the University of Montana and TinyFeetNHands, Sean B**shie.

Everything that appears on this website is evidence that has been filed in one or more courts.  This is all a matter of public record.

Corrupt judges in Montana are trying to take away Bill Windsor’s TV show website, www.SeanB**shie.com.  It contains evidence galore of the crimes of Sean B**shie and corrupt judges like Judge John W. Larson.

Friends of Bill Windsor, write this online publication.  Bill Windsor is producing a documentary film and pilot for a proposed weekly TV series that will feature Sean B**shie.  Bill Windsor is a card-carrying member of the press.  Bill Windsor was a magazine publisher for most of his career.  He began his media work in high school.  He has been a radio and TV announcer.  He has been a radio news reporter.  He formerly hosted a weekly TV news show.  For the last several years, he has published online, and he has produced online radio and TV shows.  He has over 1,200 videos active at www.youtube.com/lawlessamerica

This website is protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  Everything that is published here is true and correct based upon personal knowledge or opinion based upon an understanding of the events and issues.

For more information, see:

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Sean B**shie is part of the Joeyisalittlekid gang of people who do this type of work and are protected by government entities.

Joeyisalittlekid gang members include Sean Boushie and most of the following: Joeyisalittlekid — Albert FioriniAllie OverstreetAmerican Mothers Political Party — Betsi BixbyBrandy OwenBrannon BridgeBrenda WilliamsonCarrie WaltersCasey P. HargroveCheryl SosbyClaudine DombrowskiClyde HargroveConnie BedwellCurtis W. ButlerDale TrowbridgeDavid HargroveDeanna KloostraDeborah ParksDiane GochinGail LakritzHargrove Real EstateJay HoskinsJennifer DotsonKathy A. CarrollKC HargroveKellie McDougaldKimberly WigglesworthKinley HardinL WilsonLisa Jones Lorraine TiptonLoryn RyderMadeline HargroveMark SupanichMary BagnaschiMegan Van ZelfdenMelanie WhiteMichelle StilipecMorgan HargroveNancy RolfeRenee HarringtonSam RoundSean D. FlemingShannon MillerShonda HargroveSid Wallingford GrayStacy EmersonTinyFeetNHandsTrinity Baker — Ellis County District Attorney Patrick WilsonEllis County Texas Judge Bob Carroll — Ellis County Texas Sheriff Johnny Brown — University of Montana Employee

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